Ibook With Airport Not Finding Xserve


I have upgraded some iBooks to 10.4. When the sign-on screen presents itself, I need to be able to enter a profile and password that exists on the xserve (10.3) and boot the machine so that the user attaches to their home directory.

The ibook is invisible to the server until a user on the client signs on and activates the airport connection. Then I can log-off the local client and then enter the profile and password located only on the server and it connects properly and maps to the user's drives and directory correctly. The user is defined in Workgroup manager.

How can I get the ibook to activate the airport connection and check the server when the login is clicked instead of just giving me the wiggle for a profile not found?

I used to be able to see these ibooks in Remote Access when they were sitting at the sign-on screen. They are no longer visible since I upgraded them to 10.4 unless I log on with a user defined on the client to trigger the airport connection.