iBook woes.


Apple Virgin
I seem to be having a few problems with my iBook and was wondering if you knew of any fixes or if they can be common problems.

1. Trackpad stops responding.
The trackpad seems to cut out whilst i use my iBook and Firefox browser. A USB mouse works fine but i get absolutely no response from the trackpad. It starts intermittently until it completely goes. this only seems to happen in firefox. The keyboard remains fine after this had happened.

2. Firewire/USB HDD stops responding.
I have an Icy Box enclosure with an 80GB HDD in it which seems to stop respongin when i treansfer any big files or update myu iPod on it (My music is on the HDD. The HDD access light just stays on permanently and it freezes. (Can't even eject the drive from my desktop at that point)
I've re installed OSX clearign everythign and it still happenes no matter if i use USB or Firewire.

3. Safari rendering problems.
Safari seems to be having trouble rendring some pages when i scroll them. Text becomes garbled and sometimes ends up being rendered over pictures. Firefox is rendering fine.

I've not had any problems with the iBook so far but these seem to be bugging me.

Any ideas?

Hmmm, I have had similar problems with Firefox, although it is the keyboard that stops working until I quit Firefox and reopen it.

There have been issues with power supplies for firewire drives causing problems (theres a long thread about it over at macfixit), replacing the power supply seems to fix the problem although I think this is a bit out of order to be honest.

As for Safari rendering, dunno, havent seen that one, although again Firefox does occassionally show that one, but reloading the page generally fixes it.
When i scroll the rendering problem off screen, then back on it goes.

thankyou for the reply!

I'm downloading the latest version of Firefox cos i've been using 1.0.4 and 1.0.6 is out now. Might fix the FF problem. :)
The Firefox problem:
can it have anything to do with Mouse Movements? i know firefox had some support for different mouse movements that were supposed to do various things (go back etc). maybe you have switched that on by accident or something. have you installed iScroll (i reccommend it)?
my safari used to make garbage of the text on some pages if i were scrolling while it was loading. but i have not seen it since i installed 10.4.
I've installes FF 1.0.6 now and the trackpad has been fine so far! :)
If it stays fine i wont need to worry about the Safari problem.

Thanks for the suggestions!