iCab is great


I just download iCab for OS X and I have to say it is the best browser I have used so far for OS X.

Just to let you know if you are frustrated with your browser. :)


Yah. the best part about icab is how stable it is. Often I can go for nearly 7 seconds before it crashes. It represents what a true OSX application should be.

ThE OutsiDer

Shame it never gets updated much, it used to be my defaul, but has fallen behind to much. I hope they rejuvinate it again!


i agree with billybob....

icab has potential to be a lean, mean, browsing machine....but until the thing can run with a *lot* more stability i will be sticking to omniweb and fizzilla


I love iCab, but since X.1 it has been waaaaaaaay flaky. If you try to click on anything before it's done downloading and rendering - poof gone. Opera has recently started kicking some more * on X.1. Although it royally messes up any embed content (QT iPod thingy on Apple's home page for example)

So my question is: does anyone have access to iCab 2.6? it might be worthwhile, but they aren't serving it because of bandwidth limitations. I want this like I wanted 10.1 - it's out there, anyone? Please?

P.S. I'd love you for it... physically if that's what it would take, please?


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Interesting, I found the opposite behaviour

2.5.3 on 10.1 - as stable as a rock (well, certainly more stable than Omni or IE - sort of a slightly wobbly rock)

2.6 on 10.1 - very crashy indeed, although I'm torn, there's a few nice features. I'm posting this from 2.5.3, because 2.6 crashes for me.

Anyway, your mileage may vary...


I complete here my opinion expressed a few threads below ("Bad java support, sad browsers on Mac")

I've spent a long while trying most standard browsers for Mac, OS 9 (IE, Netscape, iCab) and OS X (IE, Netscape, Omniweb, Opera, iCab, Mozilla). I checked most available options relating to Java and Javascript, on a few websites containing one or both languages. Two other persons did the same (on same websites) with PC. The facts are what they are: java, and even javascript support is really poor or totally absent in all of these browsers for Mac.
That's sad for Omniweb, Opera, iCab (still beta v.) or even Netscape. But hell, I can't accept it from IE, that's given out with OS X 10.1: HEY MICROSOFT, DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY OR STAY AWAY FROM MAC!!!!

Concerning crash issues under X:
- never crashed with Omniweb 4.0.5
- IE 5.1: quits everytime I try to Print to PDF
- Netscape 6.1 : don't load 2nd generation sites, they freeze within 3 clicks
- Mozilla : the look makes my eyes crash before it crashes
- iCab 2.6.3 : a good prototype; but don't plan long journeys
- Opera : *the fastest* to load, to download, and to quit