iCal alarm "snooze" choices editable?


Before I was forced to abandon Now-Up-To-Date, I was very happy with the feature to snooze a reminder by specifying the delay until the next repeat of the reminder. For instance, one could type "3d" and it would enter "3 days," then hit OK; "90s," "90 seconds," etc.
The analogous interface with iCal is annoyingly clumsy, one has only the option of choosing from a pre-set list of alternative repeat times, often none of which is useful.
Can I edit this list?
Is there a 3rd party program that allows me to work on this?
I look in the nib files in the application package and found some close areas like the alarm dialog, but I couldn't find one for the actual alarm pop-up snooze button for certain. Not only that, but this would kinda be shooting blind since I don't know what the values would have to be changed to, if that would even work to change them directly (likely not). since they are actually keys/id#'s and really "times". I can't find anything that enhances this. Maybe in the SIMBL community there is? Unfortunately among the handful of iCal plugins I've found there, there isn't one with this functionality.
But thanks, macleuser, I hope your response will stimulate some of your technical peers to tackle this. I suspect that many iCal users must share my frustration and that a solution to my complaints would be useful for many. At the least, perhaps this thread will draw Apple's attention and iCal will get improved.