ical and Microsoft Office 2004


I recently purchased an Powerbook with Trial Office 2004 preloaded. I also installed Office 2004 from my college(student cd). However, after loging in, there Office reminded me to purchase the software.
I ran ps ax and didnt see any microsoft app running, my login items do NOT have any microsoft apps in them, and i searched my iCal appts, and did not see any microsoft items.
Also /Library/StartUpItems (nor /System/Library/StartUpItems) have any Microsoft app in them.
My guess is that is some hidden iCal item. Is this correct? its annoying to see these reminders, and would like to know where they are coming from?

You must use the uninstaller for the trial version before installing the full version. Microsoft dumps files all over the harddrive that you cant find. The uninstaller can.