Ical - Importing Into Ical


I have a Entourage (V10.0.0) Calendar file that I am trying to import into iCal (V1.5.5 or V 2.0.2) however when the import is complete, the information I have at the bottom of my calendar event ( not sure if they are called notes/description ) does not show up in Ical.

Any advice would be appreciated - Thanks,

York Knowlton

(PS this calendar information started in Now-up-to-date (V4.5.1) and was imported successfully into Entourage.

(PSS just wanted to be clear that what is missing is NOT Entourage Notes.

When you double click on a Calendar event you get a separate Event Window - at the bottom of that window is a large area to type whatever information one needs to associate with that event - this is the area that is not importing.