iCal not Working


10.4.2 on a 1.33 12" Powerbook, 768 ram total.
--Have you run permissions yet? Yes
--Have you used Disk Utility from the CD to Repair Disk? No - I don't have the Tiger disk with me at my apartment, it's 300 miles south of me at home, though I can probably get a Tiger disk from a friend.
--What devices are connected to your machine? none, just the extra ram.

iCal appears on my dock as a generic .app icon, not as the iCal icon. When I attempt to launch it, the menu bar at the top briefly switches to iCal but then goes back to finder, safari, or whatever it was before. The icon bounces briefly, but the black triangle, denoting it running, never appears.

Any ideas on how I can make it function, preferably before classes start on monday?