iChat Agent not responding


Whenever I launch iChat, after a few seconds, the iChat Agent (as listed in Activity Monitor) becomes unresponsive. The result is iChat frequently dropping its connection and other, minor, irks. Anybody has encountered this problem too? How to re-install iChat ?
I'm on Tiger (10.4.1) with 'More iChat Smileys' 2.5.2 installed.

Additum: Uninstalling 'More iChat Smileys' doesn't change anything.
Well, I reinstalled iChat from the Tiger DVD but the iChatAgent still hangs. Isn't the version on the iLife CD pre- 3.0 ?
I have a similar problem.
When I use iChat I don't have any problems. But once I quit iChat, I get the "iChat Agent (not responding)" in the Activity Monitor. I simply have to force quit it, but I have to think about it each time I quit iChat. :mad: