iChat AV and Tiger - how useful is it really?

How often do you use iChat AV?

  • I use iChat AV all the time

  • I use iChat AV significantly more since I installed Tiger

  • I have iChat AV (Tiger), but hardly ever use it

  • I have iChat AV (Panther/Jaguar), but hardly ever use it

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Ceroc Addict

I got Panther thinking that I'd be using iChat AV fairly regularly, but it turned out that I hardly used it at all.

Do people find that having multiuser videochat has increased their usage of iChat AV in Tiger? Is the overall experience qualitatively different?

I have it with Panther but only used it's features perhaps twice, and that was for a simple voice chat. It has crystal clear voice support and good web cam support but to me it's worthless. You can only use a few times because it only works with other macs. So I'm really glade I never paid money to upgrade iChat back when I had Jaguar. Till their is some sort of Windows/Mac support, I gotta use Skype to talk to my window pales.
Normally when I need text only, I use Adium... I like it's gui more, since I can make it look as simple as I want, and looking for data in its logs - e.g. when I need to have a look on what was said about something with someone earlier, is far far more user friendly than saving the data in 10.3 or 10.4's iChat...

When I need audio only, and I am home, I normally go for skype.
When I need audio or video or both, then iChat AV with iSight. As having a fast Mac, erally good bandwidth and so on, can't beat that. :) Especially when the one I want to see happens to be in a different continent. (yep, when he's here, I don't use the video conferencing practically at all).
I use iChat AV on and off. I'd sincerely LIKE to use it more, but I don't know many people on the AIM network, and of those, only two have webcams.

Till I can convince those people to buy a Mac, I'm left in horrible crashy Yahoo! with its horrible slow webcams.
I use iChat more now that it supports jabber. By linking my ICQ, MSN account to jabber it is possible to use iChat for all networks, really nice!
My company are splitting into 2 departments in different buildings.
Now we have a Xserve running Tiger Server, I have set up our own Jabber server so we can use iChat AV to communicate without using the phone. Some poeple are using an iSight for Video connections, some people use the VOIP option just to talk and others just text chat.

IT"S SO COOL......