ichat av problem


has anybody here been using ichat av 3.0.1 successfully, then all of a sudden the audio doesn't work?? basically, i can hear the other person speaking, but they can't hear me. i do notice that in the 'connection doctor' the stability varies on my end, while the other persons seems stable. however, all internet related activity is fine. i highly doubt my mic has broken as it's deep inside the frame of my ibook g4/800. and i don't recall any impacts to the machine. the only thing i can think of that may have caused this problem, is the installation of logic pro 7. it's an audio program for those who don't know. perhaps this audio program has altered some settings in regards to the audio input.
i'm running tiger. OSX in general is very new to me, as i've just stepped over from OS9. i have no idea where to look to even start troubleshooting this.
any help would be really appreciated as i miss my audio conversations

thanks in advance


The Late: SuperMacMod
Don't know if this will help,

Open Audio Midi Setup (in /Applications/Utilities) and make sure that the Audio Output Format is set to 44,100Hz or less (you'll find this in the bottom right quadrant of the window).