Ichat Av


I recently got an isight for a birthday present and am frustrated because I can't use it on my laptop with ox 10.2.8. I have ichat version 1.0.1 but cannot find an update to AV 2.0. There are plenty of downloads for 2.1 but that requires os 10.3. I saw one response on your message board dealing with this same issue claiming that ichat av came with the os disc, but there is no such program on mine. Furthermore, I only have a cd drive and cannot install the newer os of of my tiger dvd for my imac g5. Is there any way to just download ichat av 2.0? It seems simple but I can't find a single place online to do so. Thank you for any help you can give,

bobw said:
I didn't think any G5 iMac came without a DVD drive.

Yes they do, I think Hanz is talking about the "laptop" that is fitted with a cd only drive rather than a combo.

More details could help though.
do you have another comoputer with a DVD drive? or another Mac? if yes you could try sharing the DVD drive over a Local lan.