iChat buggy?


Is there a way to have the buddy list 'sort' like the original AIM program? With the buddies in their groups, instead of the ability to group by first/last name? I have different groups of contacts and would like to see it as such, not one big list.


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No, all buddies are grouped in one. And this is sorta bad because when I logged into AOL and looked at my list, I had duplicates of buddies in a new list that iChat created. It was all messed up. I like mine all together, but it should add the OPTION. I hope 1.1 or 2.0 adds some serious new features and fixes.

Fixes like when you send too much text instead of saying "Sorry, too long" it sends it into limbo and you lose all the text you just wrote with no chance to edit it smaller. It should stop you when you reach the max amount of characters.

When in Text mode (Non Balloon) it sometimes goes blank until you resize the window. ANNOYING.

In Balloon mode, it becomes EXTREMELY SLOW when the chat gets too long.

Is there a reason YOU are on the right and THEY are on the left? I woulda assumed the opposite!

Away Messages do not alert the IMer when they use iChat. ACTUALLY, I like this. It allows me to be in Stealth mode. I LOOK away, but am actually online and chatting with people I want to. Great way to avoid people you don't wanna talk to who have your name.

The Chat toolbar SUCKS. First off, Bold and Italics don't always work. When they do there's no visual feedback to know they're on. Where's Underline? And fonts and colors? Why is there a "Participants" button in normal P2P chats when there's no way to get any more people in that chat! It shouldn't be there! The toolbar has buttons that do three different things.. it's like Windows! There's the toggle buttons for participants and bold/italics, the menu for smileys and the button for attachments. They are NOT STANDARD at all. This is APPLE! They invented the guidelines and now don't even follow them! I personally would prefer not to have the toolbar, but just the Participants button on the left side of the text box.

Easier User switching. It needs to be implimented.

Sometimes, custom User actions don't stick when closing the Info window.

Multiperson Chats get weird name. I mean "My Friend et al" is not as cool as "Our super crazy chat with all our friends" like it should be. And it seems to assign the Chat name to whoever is latest or something. Leads to confusing logging.

Speaking of logging. Needs to date the chats. But this is no problem for me as I just sort the folder by date.

Crashes a lot.

Needs to allow me to custom the font and colors of the list. Also put the alternating colors in the Text Only version as well.

How about a non metal option? I use Demetalifizer for now, but I'd like the list and chatting box to stretch to the window edges.

That's all I can think of for now.


Sorting names by status is the only logical way to do it, but it's totally weird how it decides status. It actually moves the ACTIVE people around. This is annoying because when I click on a name, it may not be there by the time I have a chance to double click because it was zipped to some other random place within the active members.

Today, when I launched iChat after an evening of no problems, it had totally lost all the contacts I've added in the last... say... two weeks and ADDED buddies to my list that I haven't had ON my list in months!! My new contacts were still in my Address book, but it was still annyoing having to weed through the list -- again.

I only use iChat because I'm sick of dealing with profile/buddy icon/buddy list inconsistencies between all the chat clients and I know that in the long run I'll be sticking with iChat, so I might as well get used to it now.


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I have to sort by first name because I don't know most of their last names. And one of them won't even let us know his actual name. But I like iChat and eagerly await the first update.. whenever the heck that might be.


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So what is the verdict with iChat.... I was so excited about iChat (still am really) but I am getting nervous after Jobs seemed to have problems with it, and now I have been ready a lot of negative stuff about it. Hmmmm

That makes me a little sad. First I lose Min in place, and now it seems iChat is not polished...

However I am still as excited as heck about OS 10.2 and I am still 100000 time more happy since I switched to macs...

You're not alone. I have this issue CONSTANTLY. I like the interface but have to stick with Proteus until Apple fixes this.


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ok guys, please remember to tell all your qualms directly to Apple, go to the OSX feedback and tell them the problems you've had with iChat. I'm assuming they've recognized these problems, but it's nice to make sure they know that we know, and that these bugs are more proliferous than they know. So keep that feedback flowin' in the right direction.
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