iChat going braindead


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Does anyone else have this problem?

I'll be using iChat and after a random amount of time I'll receive no more IMs from people. sometimes I'll suddenly get a barrage of IMs all at once, usually after the other person has already logged off thinking I was being unresponsive. Usually, however, I never see those missing IMs again.

Most of the time the recipient of my IMs continues to receive my IMs even if I don't receive theirs.

Quitting iChat doesn't resolve the issue, as trying to relaunch it the app hangs saying "connecting . . ."

Going to the terminal and typing "ps -aux | grep iChat" I see an entry for "iChatAgent.app" running. doing a "kill -9" of it's PID resolves the issue, temporarily.

I can use Proteus and AIM's client with no problems whatsoever.

I'm on 10.2.1 (This happened on 10.2 too) on a PB G3 500 Pismo with 512MB Ram and a 20G harddrive (with 7G free)


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same thing happened for me many many times - there are so many bugs in 10.2....