Ichat Log In Problem


I cannot log into iChat and initiate an iChat session. I have reset my password and that did not work. I can use other dotMac features such as iDisk, Backup, and dotMac email, but not iChat. I have tried to log in from 4 different computers, so reinstalling iChat does not seem to be the issue, either.

The error message I get is, "The AIM service is temporarily unavailable. Wait several minutes and try again."

When I try to log in (on the same computer) using a different account (other than my default account), everything is fine. That is, I can log in using the a different account name. Again, that points to not having to reinstall iChat.

I have a variety of operating systems on the 4 computers, 10.4.2 and 10.3.9.

This one has me stumped. Help!!

Thank you.

Phil Feldman
The problem seems to be with AOL servers. It's been happening to a lot of people.