I've been using iChat for a while, and I noticed that randomly I sign in as someone else. What I mean is, my SN is loveandapertures, and it would sign in as Mixingmethods, who is NOT ME. When I do sign is as me, and I click my name in the upper bar of my list ( where is says if Im available and such), the other name is there too. I found out who it is, and this person had used my computer ONCE to log in, and now I feel that they can see everything in my account. I do not feel safe using the ichat I want to find out if I can delete the whole program and start over so this persons name is not in my system. I Dont understand how I can be both names at once and its very frustrating. I tried logging out and logging back in, shutting my computer down, deleting their name off of my list, anything I could think of. PLEASE let me know how to get this off of my buddy list as soon as possible. thank you.

Lindsay Fowks
You are using OS X 10.4, right?

In iChat, go to iChat > Preferences > accounts > you will see on the left bar accounts listed. Select the account that you want to delete, and press the "minus" button on the down left corner of that window. That will help you delete that unused account.

That will be enough. That other user will not be logged in randomly on your computer. And that other user has never been able to log in as your account (unless you set up your iChat handle on another computer, and saved it to save your password in that Mac, which I believe is highly unlikely).
Once that account is deleted, you should be fine.

And welcome to macosx.com, Lindsay :)