Icon Spacing



does anyone have any idea how to adjust the icon spacing? (hack or whatever). You could drive a truck between the icons and they waste way too much real estate space. I have GOT to have tight icon spacing enabled.
Oh, indeed...
+1 on the level of interest in this one. One other thing I'm getting is the feeling that View Options isn't living up to its obligations (i.e., on login I'll get icons over on the left, etc.) I'm looking for info on these issues, too.

I used to take screenshots of my OS9 desktop every few weeks so in the event of a resolution change (down to 640X480 for whatever reason, etc.) I would know exactly how every icon was arranged on the desktop. Oh, how I miss that. The best thing I've found is to arrange your icons how you want them without icon spacing turned on, then choose "clean up." It will put the icons in a horrible mega-exaggerated spacing scheme, after which you can select a row of them and move them over where you want.

Overall I like OSX but it's little things like that which I just can't stand. Why, Apple? Why?

It is the little things one grows fond of, & I guess our only option is to look forward to the version of osX that once again implements them. I'm optimistic it'll be 10.1 instead of 11...

hello, sorry, but I can't help with this, but I felt a need to reply so that this thread could be revived for a new bunch of people to see, hopefully somebody has a solution... because it's buggin' the heck out of me, too. ANybody know how to get icons closer together? Editing some com.Apple file or what?