how can i make the finder go back to using the default icon sizes?

does anyone besides me me find the thaousands of icon sizes option that the little slider lets you have annoing?

i'd be much happier with a incremented sizing slider. it bothers me that i can make my icons 1 pixel smaller or bigger that what they were before; an i canot ever be sure that if i resize my icons, i can go back to what i had before.

holding down the option key used to work (i think) but now it doesn't i don't know why!

and while i'm at complaining, i might as well complain about the dock!

i want the to be able to drag the dock to the top menu bar on the right side, and then i want it to magicalli transform into he old finder popup menu thingie with icons for my computer , home etc... in black and white so that it would be clear! and i want to be able to shut down the dock not only minimize it! i saw in the os x 10.1 page at apple some docklings or control panelthingies or something, have little black and white icons on the right side of the menubar and i thought it would be cool if you could drag any folder up there and have acces to it's contents like that!

the dock is cool for the first week in os x but it's huge and when u make it smaller it's blurry and ugly and when u hide it it's slow to pop up AND INCONVENIET TO ANLWAYS HAVE TO POP IT UP when u need it but then it's also inconvenient to have it open all the time! In CINEMA 4d for example it takes up the whole screen and good for it, so i minimize the dock. then when i quit or switch to another app, i maximise it becouse it contains stuff i want to have easily accesible! but what 's the point of making something that has easily accesible stuff when it itself interferes with the ecosystem of the user experience and interface!?

fuck the dock or make it part of the top menubar and STOP TAKING UP HALF OF MY SCREEEEEEN!!!!!:eek:

and oh yeah, something else that's relly f-king annoing!

My time in os x is wrong, so i fix it i set the time zone and i change the hours acordingly then, i boot up in os 9 and the time has CHANGED, so i fix it then i boot up in os x and the time (getting a little repetitive here) has CHANGED .......AGAIN! so i fix it then i.... repeat as necesdsary to infinity!!!! so can i fix this!

pleasee ohh pLLEASe help me i need help there are soooo many little annnoing thinfgs in this so fucking stable and beautifull os that every seccont i can't relly figure out whether i should love it or hate it!
I can only help you with one (maybe two...) things...

To have the icons set at those set sizes (16x16, 32x32, 64x64(?), and 128x128) you can hack your file menu to have a icon size selection and you can go to any of the specific sizes mentioned above. It also allows you to have different sized icons in one window. There's another thread about under Customization called "Finder Icons Mutiple Sizes?".

(If you want to shut off the dock,(you briefly mentioned doing so, I think...) just rename it so the Finder can't find it...)

Hope that helps....