hey, i want to be able to change my icons, anyone know any kickass websites to get new icons for folders and such? and harddrive and cd's? if so how do i install them, i know how to just change that 1 icon, but how do i go about changing it so its different everytime, and where do i put my images i download?

<needs change everyonce in a while>




To change your icons:

click the icon you want to copy-->
press Apple-i or select Show Info in the desktop File menu -->
Click the icon image as so it is highlighted in the Info pane -->
Press Apple-c or Copy from the Edit menu (this copies the icon image of the desired icon) -->
Find the icon you want to change (this should automatically show in the previously opened Show Info pane (assuming you haven't closed it!)) -->
Click on the designated icon in the Show Info pane and press Apple-v or Paste from the Desktop Edit menu.

A new icon for 'ya!!:D