idea: should apple make os x more "keyboard friendly?"


John Galt Member
for all these years, apple has been missing one big thing: the ability to control the computer through the keyboard. how do people feel about making menus, windows, dock, and all of os x available to control through the keyboard (if one were so inclined...)?

any replies welcome here,
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Yes, you are absolutely right. I had hoped for a little more "accessibility" (as it is called in Java) in OSX. The possibility to choose the marked button (the button to be pressed when you press return) with the tab which is present in Windows is just wonderful. I want it. Very much. There should also be a possibility to access menus from the keyboard, this would increase my workspeed significantly (not necessarily, but it would feel as if it would).

the one thang that i believe windows has had over mac all these years, is the ability to access virtually evertything through the keyboard... please apple, take this into consideration. maybe if a lot of you give apple feedback through their feedback forum, they will want to do so as well...

ok, terrific (O&A)