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Okay, i'm kinda taking mw84's thread and creating a new "real world" setup. Now you get $5,000 dollars to spend on your ideal setup. What would you buy?? Please Add pricing (and url if possible) to the purchase. :D and total on the bottom. (Doesn't including shipping)

I'll start with my ideal $5,000 setup :
1. G-Tech G-DRIVE COMBO (FW 400 & USB2.0) 160GB drive - $129.99
2. CANON EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT WITH EF-S 18-55MM KIT (SILVER) - EOS 350D EXECUTIVE KIT (from Beach Camera )- $1,004.99
3. 15" Powerbook G4 Superdrive (current model, nothing adding to it) - $2,299
4. 20" Apple Cinema Display - $799
5. Canon i9900 Printer from PC Universe - $379.79
6. 1GB Memory Upgrade for 15" PowerBook G4 from Deal Ram - $106.99
7. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse from MacAlly - $89

Grand Total : $4806.78
Not a bad deal, and i'm not including any software, cause i own most of the sotware i would use already (read Adobe CS2/Quark/Macromedia Studio MX 2004>


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Well......I have $4250 budgeted for a new computer (not including printer, digital camera, digitial movie cam, etc.) and I still can't figure out what my setup is going to be.

  • If it's a desktop, then a DP 2.3 G5 with 2GB RAM, ATI 9650 video, bluetooth + AE, and modem. Can't decide between two 20" LCDs or one 23" LCD. -- Either $4172 {dual 20s} ~or~ $4073 {23HD}
  • If it's a laptop, then a 15" PB with 2GB RAM, 128MB video, 100GB HD -- $3044

Printer is an Epson R1800 ($550) or an Epson R2400 ($850). Digital Camera is going to be a digital SLR...still undecided other than it'll be either a Canon Rebel XT, Canon EOS20D, Nikon D70, or Nikon D50.


My ideal setup would be a

a) Powerbook 12" with a 100GB hard drive, and 1.25 GB RAM, with Apple care. This brings me to $2573. I need this mobility especially when I'm at conferences or on the road.

b) iMac 17" 2GHz with 2GB RAM, 400 GB hard drive, wireless mouse and keyboard. Costs $2478.

All of the above will have Apple care. In total, I'll have spent just slightly over $5000 for my dream realworld setup.