Ideal Setup


What would be your ideal mac hardware setup if money was no object. Here's mine, pretty basic but it would look hot and it's all I need really:

mac mini:

1.42GHz PowerPC G4
ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB DDR video memory
80GB Ultra ATA hard drive
Combo drive
DVI or VGA video output
AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth
Wireless keyboard and mouse

23inch Cinema Display

And my emac, obviously. :D


17" PowerBook G4 1.67 Ghz w/100 GB Hard Drive and 2GB of RAM
23" Apple Cinema Display
MacAlly Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard
G-Drive 400GB External Hard Drive
Canon i9900 Printer
Canon Rebel XT Executive Pack from BeachCamera (about $1200)
Carrying Case for PowerBook
Adobe Creative Suite 2 (already own, does this count?)

uhm...I think that's it, if there's anything else i'll add.

It's pretty much portable workstation the Laptop is connected to the monitor/External Hard Drive at home and thats what the keyboard/mouse is for as well.

Digital Photographer/Graphic Designer Dream Setup :D


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
If money was no object? That's easy: tricked-out Power Mac.

Dual 2.7GHz G5 (well...maybe dual 2.5 to avoid any bugs in the liquid cooling system)
2x 400GB internal HD
Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL/256MB
2x Apple 30" Cinema Display
Airport Extreme
NO 56k modem ;) Why make it dirty?
Extra gigbit ethernet card
Fiber channel card
Bluetooth keyboard + mouse

All for the low, low price of $13,170! :eek:

Of course, it would be a LOT cheaper if A) you bought your RAM from a third party, or B) you spent $500 on an ADC membership beforehand, which cuts the price of even the basic 2.7GHz model by more than $500.

Additional things I would want/need:
* External HDs to match my internal ones, for backups and transfers
* Some nice 5.1 surround speakers
* and, of course a desk capable of supporting two of those frighteningly-large monitors. :)

Being slightly more reasonable, just give me any dualie with 8GB of RAM and a decent >17" LCD and I'll be very, very happy.


Simply Daemonic
Ideal setup ??? oy! where to begin!
(wait 5 minutes to read the lines bellow - this simulates my trip to the apple store online)

PowerMac G5 - for the office
01. Dual 2.7 Ghz Processors (higher if they come out with higher ones)
02. 8 GB RAM
03. 2x 400 GB Hard Drives interal
04. 2x 1TB External Firewire HD - maybe not needed ;)
05. 2x Apple Cinema Displays 30"
06. Bluetooth and Airport Modules
07. 56k modem (backup just in case!)
08. iSight camera w/ that funky iSight light
09. 1xPCI gigabit ethernet card (just in case I want to go wired)
10. OrangePC card (if this existed and were up to date! - run x86 OSes contained within a window...drooooool)
11. Bluetooth Keyboard & mouse (scroll, 5 buttons)
12. Surround sound speakers 5.1
13. Audio card for the Mac ( I think they make those now...)
14. Preloaded with all mac games and software
15. Two iPods, 1 audio mixing console, 1 turn table
16. TV/Radio tuner capable of doing NTSC, PAL, SECAM, FM, AM (air, sat and cable)
17. Newer generation superdrive
18. A canon miniDV XL2 camcorder
19. 1 Fibre card (for connection to Xserve)

For the closet
1. xServe
2. 16 GB RAM
3. 1200 GB HD
4. Fibre card
5. Graphics card
6. xServe RAID (max HD)
7. Superdrive
8. Small monitor

For the living room - media center
1. Mac Mini
2. Connected to TV tuner - connected to TV (preferably a 60" plasma ;) )
3. Surround sound speakers
4. SuperDrive
5. 1 GB RAM
6. some way to have fibre on it so that I can stream media to it

Kitchen, Dinning, Bed, Bath - Ceiling mounted speakers + Airport Xpress

Drooooooooooooooooooool :D


Chmod 760
Staff member
2 X XServe RAID fully filled with the biggest hard drives available, connected to an
XServe G5, also a
G5 with the fibreoptic card with it..
2 X 30" cinema displays
17" 1,67 Powerbook wiith also a 23" external display

Oh wait never mind, for most part somebody I dig a lot has those toys.. well, 1 XServe RAID, 1 XServe, 1 XServe Cluster mode, 1 G5, 1 G5 PC inside, some pcs, tons of nice monitors, a 17" Powerbook ... :p


Mac Metal Head
Oh god. Where to begin.

10000 node XGrid(XServes) with a 2.7 GHz fully loaded at the helm and dual 30 inch monitors.

I don't think i am going to bother with any more technical details.


Scratch & Sniff Committee
I would really like to have:

* Two 23" Studio Displays in a side-by-side configuration.

* A "Short Pancake Stack" of 4 or 5 Mac Minis at the end of the desk so that those tedious tasks of reading and writing DVD, re-encoding and storing stuff doesn't take up any of the resources on my main machine.


Simply Daemonic
now if software was able to be run on a distributed network, give us some G5 Xserves and some nodes, then who needs a real PC? ;) we can emulate one that is more powerful than the current most powerful home PC ;) lol


Dark Archon
give me the new powerbooks, whenever they come out, no rush. i am quite content with my set up right now, though i would like a new external monitor with a higher resolution (this KDS is starting to bug me w/ 1024x786 ;P ). Oh yeah, and an external HD. Thas it!

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
my current set up is amazing, i love it.


i'm in love with the 30".... so two of them and a bigger desk :D
i'd have the 6800 to go with them, too
i'd max it out to 8gb of ram (but that would also mean getting a 2.7ghz tower. mines limited to 4gb :()
i'm quite tempted by 1tb superfast RAID server. that would be brilliant :p
a printer that is not only amazing, fast, BUT ALSO BLOODY WORKS! i have never, ever used a printer that hasn't been in some way 10x more temperamental than anything else, ever
but it would be abanner printer, naturally :D
a lifetimes supply of free dual-layer dvd-R and cd-r spindles.
a 7mp+ canon ixus. amazing cameras, mines just retricted by it's output (3.2mp IXUS 30). incredible photo's. SLRs are just too bulky to take every, so the amazing shots just get missed because you didn't bring your camera!