Identd problem


I'm having some problems with my IRC user name, which I have specified in AthenaIRC, being overridden by my user name in OS X (the one that appears in the prompt when you open the Terminal).

This poses a problem for me because I have a ChanOps account on IRC and I can't authenticate myself because it is expecting me to be using a certain user name. This happens regardless of what user name I specify in AthenaIRC for it to use.

Also, I can't change my ChanOps authentication user name to match my OS X user name because it must match my ISP user name... :-(

I've played around with a few of the authentication settings in "/etc/inetd.conf" and "/etc/services" mentioned on, but this doesn't fix it.

If anyone could give me some advice or perhaps throw me a helpful URL I'd be very grateful, thanks. =]