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Howdy, forum.
iDisk's new WebDAV protocol ROCKS! I was able to access my folders from my windows box at work. But, I'm having a problem copying files from windows to my iDisk. Simple file types (like .txt) will upload without a hitch but I couldn't upload mp3 or zip files without getting an error.

My Question: what do I need to do to "prepare" files from Windoze so that they will upload properly to my iDisk? I know that when I copied files from my mac at home to download at work, I would have to compress my files (usually mp3 or exe from Virtual PC) with Stuffit and specify that it make a windows zip file. This makes me believe that the issue revolves around the differences in HD formats between windows and mac. I've tried zipping the files with Winzip, but my iDisk still won't accept the file. Does anyone know of a way I can archive my windows files so that my mac-formatted iDisk will not reject it?

Other than that, I have to say, the WebDav enhancements to iDisk are fantasitic. I've long used my iDisk to upload files from home and then download them at work. The ability to go in the other direction as well makes the iDisk a truly complete solution for file transfer.

Thanks in advance for any input.
How do you access iDisk from Windows? What's the address for the webdav access?

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How do you access iDisk from Windows? What's the address for the webdav access?

The address is . For Windows, this requires IE 5.0 or better. To open the url as a WebDAV item, you must choose Open from the file menu, and enter the url there. You must also turn on 'Open as Web Folder' - this tells IE to use DAV instead of HTTP for the connection. On MacOSX, the same URL works in Finder's 'Connect to Server...' function.

In WindowsXP, the Map Network Drive seems to accept the URL, but it rejects my password. I don't know why (yet), but that may allow Windows to fully use the iDisk just like MacOSX...
I'm running IE 6.

After I click OK in the Open dialog in IE, I get an error that it couldn't open as a web folder and do I want to use the default view. Clicking yes will bring up the login which 404's and clicking no brings up an 'authorization required'.

Any ideas?

Also, is iDisk WebDav compliant enough so that I could open my iDisk with say, GoLive 5 which uses WebDav?

Well, I just tried it with Dreamweaver 4 under classic in 10.1 and it connected to my idisk, no problem. Uploading a file worked fine, too.

Hmmmm.... first order of business: Anyone interested in multi-platform iDisk access should follow this link: iDisk Security Issue

I'm still unable to upload certain files to my iDisk from my windows machine at work. mp3 files are (supposedly) cross-platform. What must I do to get these suckers uploaded? Has anyone had any luck getting windows-formatted files to upload to their iDisk? How did you do it ??