iDisk mistery update - is OSX ready in the end?


As somebody on noted, some iDisk have been updated to include a new folder containing OSX apps. The documentation with it says MacOS X, not Mac OS X beta! And Macworld is in a few days...
I looked in mine, it does contain the folder in question. I am in OS9 right now, so I didnt look at the apps.For some reason, the ss did not appear. Here is a link:

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I tried opening iTools just a while ago and couldn't. Went to iTools site on apple and went to the download page to reinstall, but under sys requirements it said you need OS 9. Kinda interesting because it worked a few months ago. Don't know what it means.
Means if you have OS X, it's supported in the OS, not a browser. Go, connect to server,
Keynote starting in 15 min... wait and see!
Already has Quicktime opponed and conected ;)


From what I've read at many different sites (all credible), iDisk will be incopporated into all finder / save / open dialog boxes for direct acces in the final.

Just what I've discovered so far.