iDisk mounting made easy


If you want a one-click way to mount your iDisk, just boot into OS 9 and mount your iDisk, make an alias of it, place it where you can easily get to it in OS X, reboot into OS X, double click the alias, enter passwd, and you're in.

I say this because you cannot make aliases to your iDisk within OS X, you have to do 10 steps before you can get it to mount.

Put the iDisk alias in your Go > Favorites menu (Favorites directory) for absolute ease of use.

Well, you can' t blithely make aliases of your iDisk in MacOS X as you can in Mac OS <= 9. But, you can make them. Mount your iDisk either through iTools or connecting from Desktop (cmd-K). Then opt-cmd-drag the iDisk alias from the desktop to your favorites folder.

It worked for me.