What am I doing wrong?

I've ordered OS X v. 10.1, and it should be in my hands by tomorrow. In eager anticipation, I visited Apple's web-site & set up an iDisk/iDisk account. Then, I entered my password. This took me to the Open your iDisk' page. Whether I click on the iDisk button in the upper right corner or press the 'Open My iDisk' button,'...nothing happens. :(
Which version of mac os have u got on ur mac at the moment?

if its mac os 9, u can try the following:
* open the chooser from apple menu
* click on appleshare
* click on "connect to server" (or is it "server ip" ? dont know at the moment)
* in the then appearing dialog enter ""
* then press return
* after that, enter ur username and pw, n then the idisk should appear on ur desktop

on mac os x 10.0.x:
* in the finder, go to the menu and click on "connect to server"
* enter ""
* s.o.
You (and everyone else who tried to help me) are a *genius* (or else I just need a brain upgrade)!

Thank you, one and all! :)