iDVD 2


Apple has finally released iDVD2 upgrade for $19.95 at the Apple Store if anyone is interested . . . . I want it . . . . I need it . . . . i have to have it . . . . supposed to support 90 minute DVD's. I was told it would ship in about two days and I wouod have it probably by Monday . . . .What's included in the upgrade kit: A DVD disk with all upgrade installers. Includes the application with all new motion and audio themes, plus new tutorial sample files (the downloadable version of iDVD 2 does not include the themes or tutorial.). They could not locate a site for me to download, but thought it would be available later today or tomorrow.
I wonder how long it will take before you can actually download/receive it. :D Interesting that they released the upgrade much earlier than iDVD 2's actual release.