Idvd + 3rd Party Burner

apple addict

Purchased a MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-845S and installed in my PowerBook G3 Pismo with 384 SDRAM, 40 G hard drive, 500 MHz processor, running OSX 3.9. Burns CDs in iTunes just fine, but insert a blank DVD-R and no icon appears on desktop. iDVD 4 came with OSX 3, but I'm not even sure I can load it with a 500 MHz processor ( gives 750 MHz as a minimum requirement). There's no iDVD icon on my dock, so that could mean the software won't load. Should I try another driver such as Roxio Toast 6? I bought the new DVD-RAM from Powerbookmedic and I do like the CD burner, but I bought the new drive to burn iMovie projects that are too large for CDs. What are my options? Thanks.