Idvd 5.01 Crashes



i'm trying to burn disc image from a idvd project but idvd crashes every single time when it is encoding the video.

the idvd.crash.log says:

host name: administrators-powerbook-g4-12
date/time: 2005-08-07 23:00:45.480 +0300
os version: 10.4.2 (build 8c46)
report version: 3

command: idvd
path: /applications/
parent: windowserver [89]

version: 5.0.1 (626)
build version: 26
project name: idvd
source version: 6260000

pid: 522
thread: 0

exception: exc_bad_access (0x0001)
codes: kern_invalid_address (0x0001) at 0xffdfc087

thread 0 crashed:
0 0x057ad1e4 cgroupalclock::settimeinseconds(double, unsigned char) + 164

any idea how to fix this problem?

Is it the video encoding or the very last bit (audio encoding) where it is crashing?
If so, do you have an audio track attached to the main menu you have created other than the default track that can go with a main menu?
I've found to some of the themes in iDVD your own selection of music (say from iTunes) can disagree with the audio encoding section of the DVD creation.

I say that cause that was my problem when I encountered a similar error.