Idvd 5 Won't Burn Disc


I set up iDVD to burn a disc of my movie; it did so just fine. I saved the set up, then tried to reburn additional DVDs. It opened ok, but refused to burn anything-when it got to the "Burn" stage, it would display "recording finished" then lock up.

Are there some preferences I can trash on this, or what? Any ideas helpful.
I am having the exact same problem:

I am a grade 12 high school student having significant difficulties burning a DVD on a G5 Mac with iDVD 5. Dispite having worked with apple computers for 4 years at the school, I am at a loss of how to correct it. This is the first time an apple product has let me down like this.

The iDVD project itself is massive – which could be a contributing factor to the problem. 5.1 Gigs onto the DVD+R set to best quality and background encoding disabled. There is over 2 Hours of video and 1200 still images. This is quite a large project for iDVD to handle I know, but since it is a school project we do not have the means at our disposal for better software.

The situation is that I set the burn to run over night, and when I come into the lab in the morning the DVD has popped out of the computer, apparently complete. The screen reports that recording is finished, but clearly from a visual perspective the DVD has not been burned (nor when I put it into a DVD player). The program also locks up at this point.

I have the computer home with me now (the school is quite generous, and wants to see this project successful), and am attempting to burn again, after purging encoded assests. If this fails, does anyone have suggestions of how this could be fixed?

Thanks very much in advance for any help you can provide! I will also post here with an answer if I am able to find one.
I have been researching this issue online (as I too have the problem). Here are the online suggestions.
1. Delete your iDVD plist (preference) file (the actual folder location has changed over time - but look for the file by name)
2. Make sure you have lots of free space (20GB recommended) on the startup drive.
3. Try using "Save as Disk Image", this burns to hard drive rather than the DVD disk. If that works, then burn the image with Disk Utility onto the DVD. This makes duplicate burning even faster and does not waste a DVD

To Burn a disk image to a DVD using Disk Utility (OS 10.3.x):
3a. Open Disk Utility, located in Applications/Utilities.
3b. Drag the disk image you created from iDVD to use to the Disk Utility window if the disk image doesn't appear in the list.
3c. Select the disk image (in Disk Utility) and click Burn.
3d. Insert a CD or DVD disc into the optical drive of your computer and follow the prompts.

4. Several people recommended changing type of DVD disk. Different brands and even different speeds (use 4x disks if the burner is a 4x burner)

Let me know if any of these are the key. I was able to finish my 10 disc burn by restarting but each burn was only 1.5 hours. It would be nice to know the actual solution. I like the burn to disk option in general, and this is an official feature on iDVD 5. There is an Easter Egg method to enable this function in older versions of iDVD at (Jeff's Mac Support Website). This site contained most of the information I summarized above.
Having same problem and yes....this is the first time I have ever been let down by Apple.
Did anyone have any luck? I have a beatifull DVD packed with great stuff and it doesn't burn.