iDVD and Automator.. missing


Ok this is weird..

first about a month back my iDVD application dissapeared, I didn't use it much so I let it slip my mind, I know I didn't delete it or anything...

Second just a few days ago my Automator application was corrupt, the icon was removed and showed the generic application icon, and when I ran the application it would say "You cannot open the application "Automator" because it is damaged or missing."


The first thing I would do is boot from the install CD and run Disk Utility > Repair Disk to be sure the file system is in good shape. While you are in DU select the Drive, not the volume on the drive, then at the bottom of the DU window check the S.M.A.R.T. status. If it is anything other then "Verified" run, don't walk to your nearest computer store for another disk drive before the one in your machine fails completely.