Idvd Autoplay Problem


I have a problem with the autoplay in iDVD. The version used is iDVD 5, I recently upgraded from iDVD 4 because of a problem of crashing during stage 2, but iDVD 5 works fine here, so this isn't the problem. The problem is that when I have a movie set to autoplay before the navigation menu shows, the movie doesn't display correctly on the actual burned dvd (works fine in preview mode). When playing the dvd (DVD-RW) on my iMac, it hangs for acouple seconds at first, skips the autoplay movie AND the navigation menu, and goes right to playing the video (which also has a problem with skipping in some areas, and eventually an error message comes up that says that the disk is scratched/dirty, although its not, because its brand new). If i play it on another dvd player, it still skips the autoplay content, but not the navigation menu. Is this a known problem? is it just me? and if it is a known problem, are there any known solutions? i've already searched on google, but i have come up with no useful results.

Possible Useful Information:
• OS used is Mac OS X 10.3.9
• Final Cut Pro 3.0 used for video editing
-MPEG 2 is the original video format
• iDVD 5.0
-video is about an hour and a half
-encoder settings set to Best Quality
-video standard set to NTSC
• DVD-RW used for burning

*please let me know if there is any other info needed

Thanks for your help,
Gheric Speiginer

fixed the problem

by using DVD-R instead of DVD-RW, everything works fine... although iDVD 5 is supposed to work with DVD-RW.....