Idvd Crash & Lost of Themes


Dear Sirs,
I am only 3 weeks on Mac (PB15, 1GB Ram, 128 Video, 100 HD, Superdrive, Tiger 10.4.2). I am quite advance Windows users.
I have spent few hours last night trying to solve my issue but without success. There are the facts:

1/ After creation of photo slide show in iDVD program has crashed. It was repated few times - if I have press "burn" or "save as DVD picture"

2/ During last 3 weeks I have used succesfully iDVD for films and photoshows burnings.

3/ I have restarted computer, run permission verification - still the same

4/ I have created new projects - just to test if it is project related - the same crash

5/ I have tested DVD burner - no problem to burn files from Finder

6/ I have removed few shareware programs

7/ I have run digostic program from 1st CD - no reported problem

8/ I remove iDVD and reinstall application from CD1/2. No improvements - still crash but this time I have lost all except v.5 themes.
During instalation I am choosing only iDVD with additional themes. I see them installing during setup but when I run the program I have only v5 themes.

Dear Sirs, I would be greatefull for your suggestion what to do next. I love my new machine, it is very stable, it is great - unfortunatelly something did not work out.

Best regards

Irek Zyzanski