Idvd Crashes When Burning Dvd


The last several times i've tried to burn a dvd with idvd 4.01 the application "unexpectedly quits" near the end of the process. (so it is burning for over an hour, and then crashes.)
below is part of the report that is generated after the crash.
any ideas on why it is doing this!?
__the only media being burned is a qt movie exported from final cut express with the dv-ntsc setting (no compression).
thanks for your help!

os version: 10.3.9 (build 7w98)
report version: 2

command: idvd
path: /applications/idvd 4/
version: 4.0.1 (4.0.1)
pid: 716
thread: 12

exception: exc_bad_access (0x0001)
codes: kern_invalid_address (0x0001) at 0x06862006

thread 12 crashed:
0 <<00000000>> 0xffff8ab0 __memcpy + 0x310
1 0x001821e4 0x1000 + 0x1811e4
2 0x00182958 0x1000 + 0x181958
3 0x0007f97c 0x1000 + 0x7e97c
4 0x00082300 0x1000 + 0x81300
5 0x000912d4 0x1000 + 0x902d4
6 0x00089c40 0x1000 + 0x88c40
7 0x00061da0 0x1000 + 0x60da0
8 0x00161f94 0x1000 + 0x160f94
9 0x0015fcdc 0x1000 + 0x15ecdc
10 libsystem.b.dylib 0x90024910 _pthread_body + 0x28
Check the DVD you attempted to make. As long as it didn't quit as soon as it started phase 4 (the burning), it might be a successful burn. When I use 4.0.1 it constantly ejects my DVD when done and the screen shows I am still in phase 4 or iDVD just crashes. So far, only once did the burn fail out of my last 5 attempts. Therefore, despite what happened, the DVD you made might be fine.

The one time I failed, I just set everything up again and attempted to reburn the DVD. It worked the second time around for some reason, despite iDVD crashing.

I am very disappointed in iDVD. While it works, it is hardly something I would tout as user friendly, simply due to it NEVER completing the burn session without a crash or a hang in phase 4. From what I hear, iDVD 5 isn't a fix. It has it's own problems. Apple really needs to work on this. Stop adding features and fix what they have. Just because it works (despite hanging in phase 4 or crashing), doesn't mean they can write it off as fine.