Idvd Format


OK...I have a new Powerbook and I'm trying to make a DVD in iDvd. I have a video file here but iDVD and Quicktime won't recognize it. I use the VLC media player and it plays it fine. It says that it is MPG and I use a utility i have on another PC to check the correct format and it says it is mpg as well. I know its not corrupt because it plays fine on VLC. Windows media player on OS X won't play it either.
I've been scowering on my apple and even my work PC for a converter that will convert the file to MPG but i haven't come up with anything.
Do you know of a good converter for apple? Possible free? I'm willing to pay but only if it will be my one-stop-shop for converter from this point on.

If at all possible, please notify or respond via my email
Thanks again!

I've found a couple of files say Mpeg, but were encoded with Divx. Once I downloaded the Divx plugin for quicktime, everything went smoothly. If that dosen't work, I always try looking here:

It's a shareware/freeware site that lists everything under the sun available, and catergorised. The odds are pretty good you'll find a converter/encoder you need. The only files I've ever had any real problems with are .WMV files. Aside from Snap Pro screen capture, I haven't found a good soloution for them. But I'm educating my friends to know better, and I'm getting proper mpegs and .mov files now.