Idvd Hd Rendering


I am a complete novice in as far as many mac programmes are concerned - i use computers for films, photos and writing mainly so not too technical please.

this morning i upgraded my computer so that i could make dvd copies of photo collections firstly using imovie hd for the first step and then i attempted to make disc image with idvd hd so i could then burn the disc on external toaster.

the rendering the 1st time was long winded and then the mac crashed. the second time the programme blocked and refused to shut down. i had to make it force quit, the third attempt took over an hour to get to where the rendering of the audio was being done and then shut itself down again, i was invited to communicate this to apple.
as the short photo-presentation was urgent i again attempted to make the disc image a further two times. i also downloaded the updating of idvd again all to no avail.
i would like to explain that the mac technician set the film up in the morning and it was with him that the first crash occurred after having waited more than 70 minutes for the programme to finish . we imagined it was just a passing glip and i continued this afternoon. the laboratory has now closed shop until 2oth of august!
i hope someone out there can give me me some help .

thank you

patricia fioravanti sharpe