iDVD insists on using my EXTERNAL DVD drive!


Colonel Panic
I am using the version of iDVD that came with iLife 05.

When I go to burn a disc, it ejects my Tritton external DVD+RW drive. It ignores the blank DVD-R I put into my superdrive!!

So figuring 'what the heck', I put a DVD+RW into the Tritton. Now it's merrily encoding away. I can't wait to see if it'll actually yield a usable DVD!

If it doesn't work, I guess I'll probably have to disconnect the Tritton to force iDVD to use the Superdrive...
Well... it looks like it may have worked...

iDVD reports there was an error during burning.... but the DVD burned seems to work?

Guess I won't know for sure until I watch the whole thing...
I looked in iDVD prefrences and I dont see a option for drives anywhere. Maybe you should suggest this function to Apple? :)