Idvd Playback Audio Glitch


While I have been using Macs for many years, I have just started making my own DVD's and have struggled to overcome an issue that has arisen.

Here's the problem: I made a slideshow in iMovie from photos originally in iPhoto, then imported the movie into iDVD to burn it. The playback works great on my eMac, but when I play it on my JVC set-top DVD player (and on my PS2), I get a funny scratchy sound with accompanying digital (read: pixelated) video glitch every few seconds. I have burned three copies of the DVD now, on two different brands of media (Maxell and RCA) with the same results. And when I say same results, I mean it - the glitches happen at exactly the same places on each DVD.

Let me know what other specifications you need from me, and thanks in advance for the help.

PS - Just a couple of days ago I burned a significantly longer project successfully - no glitch. I'm stumped...