iDVD problems


ive made a dvd using IDVD and when i go to burn it either halfway through or just at random times my mouse becomes the spining disc and i get the message that IDVD 'application is not responding'. How to i get around this and has anyone else had this problem??

The problem comes from encoding the audio. I get the freewheel spin averytime it attempts to encode the audio.....what do i do??
And i think i have discovered the problem......i am using DVD+R and DVD+RW and apprentley i am meant to be using DVD-R. Can anyone verify if this is true or not??
That is your problem. I use only Apple DVDs because it is worth the extra few cents to not have problems and burn endless amounts of junk DVDs
My problem is that IDVD stops responding just as it starts to encode the audio before i can even burn the DVD. So i have almost no room left on my dvd and a shit load of clients waiting for me to burn their dvds. HELP ME!!!!