Idvd Quits Unexpectedly


I've been on the phone to apple care with this one, but they were not much help. I'm trying to burn a 36 minute movie using iDVD, and after about 15 minutes of encoding (usually step 3) it quits unexpectedly. I have tried both on my G4 power mac and on my G4 power book, same thing happens. I tried setting up a test account on my power mac, re-doing the whole movie, and same thing happens. Also, when I try to archive the movie it goes on forever (4-5 hours) and I finally have to force quit and manually turn off the machine.
I am having this exact issue. I have wiped the drive and re-installed 10.4.5 and all apss and done all the updates and it's still happening. I have sent 2 reports to apple. I am using ilife 4 and somehow I think if I went to ilife 6 the issue would stop...