iDVD2 Bug


I am having a problem with my new copy of iDVD2.
I did the following:
Taped two episodes of Buffy the vampire slayer.
used iMovie to rip out commercials and then rendered each 43 min episode into iDVD format using iMovie 2.1.1 in OS 10.1. Then I happily dragged them into a iDVD2 theme with motion menus. I changed the snippet of motion menu to around 1 min into show by using the scroll bar in program then I put on the main title text and burnt the dang thing. The menus look great, it plays great, but the first episode plays with the second episode's sound. The second episode plays with its own second episode sound. This has to be a bug and a BIG one. I have a bit of experience with DVD studio pro and have managed to get all of this type of thing to work (albeit with a bit more work) in OS 9.2 but I was really hoping iDVD2 would work. Anybody else out there have this problem? Each episode is just one 43 min rendered movie, thus I have just two menu items, first episode and second episode. I am doing this on one of the new G4's with triple scsi disks, dual 800's with 1.5 Gb Ram. Any suggestions??

Bill Ditto

Report Created:11/1/01 at 9:36:21 PM

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Software overview
Serial number: XB1371APKSD
Mac OS overview
System: Mac OS X 10.1 (5L14)
Startup device
Name: WoodstockMac
Memory overview
Built-in memory: 1.50 GB
Number of empty RAM slots: 0 ()
PC133 CL3
Location Size Memory type
L2 cache: 256K
L3 cache: 2 MB
Hardware overview
Machine ID: 406
Model name: Power Mac G4
Keyboard type: Apple Pro Keyboard
Processor info: PowerPC G4 (2.1)
Machine speed: 800 MHz
Processors: 2
Production information
ROM revision:
Boot ROM version: 4.25f1
I forgot to say, my movie previews great from the iDVD 2 movie previewer. Presumeably it must put the Video_TS somewhere on my disk which I would love to preview using the dvd player. Although it must be the same one that it burnt on the disk. I am burning onto a DVD-R from apple.

Bill Ditto