iDVD4, can't access iDVD 2 themes


I upgraded from iDVD 2 to iDVD 4 and in the process I lost all the iDVD 2 themes. Various people have indicated that iDVD 4 should the iDVD 2 themes but for me they aren't there. The install left iDVD 2 in place but I stupidly deleted it thinking it wasn't needed any more. Now I can't open my iDVD 2 projects. Any suggestions?


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
Did you try forcing iDVD4 to open the older files? Click on one file once, go to the file menu and select Get Info. Click on the Open with arrow and select iDVD4. Then click on Change All so all files like that one will open with iDVD4.


Cheryl said:
Did you try forcing iDVD4 to open the older files?

iDVD 4 attempts to open the file just fine but once it tries I get a "Can't find theme 'Your Photo Here'" error. The project then displays with the iDVD 4 default theme. The old iDVD 2 themes are not shown on the list of available themes if I try and create a new project either.

Copying the Custom.theme file from the iDVD 2 package to the iDVD 4 package allows the old project to open correctly but the buttons don't highlight correctly. Obviously there is more that needs to be copied/changed but I don't know what that is. In the mean time I have re-installed iDVD 2.