IE 5.1.2 Slow and Unresponsive?


Is anyone else seeing that IE is slow an unresponsive in OS X 10.1? My IE just seems really inefficient and slow to respond to commands and inputs.

For instance, if I go to the file menu in IE and click there will be a delay..there is no delay in other OS X programs.

If I go to close a window in IE and click the red button the window pauses for a split second and then closes....this does not happen in my other OS X apps.

If I move the mouse over links in a webpage there is a delay until the pointer turns to the hand.

Why is this happening? Is IE simply programmed really inefficiently from Microsoft, or did I install a program that is conflicting with IE, or do I need to change some settings?

I have only installed Norton Antivirus and Limewire recently. Norton Antivirus was installed in classic and in OS X, but when running OS X there is no scanner that is memory resident. Limewire is not running when I am experiencing these problems either, unless it runs without my knowing when I start the computer.

My computer is pretty quick in doing everything else in OS X.

Thanks for the help.

Yah, IE file menu is sorta laggy for me too.....I think it's just the IE sucking a**. One thing I wish apple would do is make the contents of IE windows(and others for that matter) disappear when you resize them...that would help performance out greatly.