IE 5.1 Stabliity Problems


Maybe it is just me ... but IE 5.1 doesn't seem to be that stable on my system... Perhaps it is just because it is still a preview release and all that --- however, not only does the performance of the browser seem unsatisfactory ... I think it slows down the rest of my system as well. Perhaps a memory leak? I dunno ...

Regardless, I tried OmniWeb and am thrilled ... I recommend all with OS X who are looking for another web browser solution to give it a whirl.
Well Explorer 5.1 is also not stable on my PowerBook. But it's due to the preview release of the Explorer - so lets hope they will make the final release soon.

Also Mail seems to have som problems with stability on my PowerBook. Anyone else noticed that?
The latest release of Omniweb is much more stable (and faster) than IE. iCab is also faster than IE (although I've had some stability problems). iCab and Omniweb are both works in progress and I expect great things out of them ... check them out.
I've been trying to use IE exclusively when under OS X. On the Public beta the version of IE was had more UI/screen redraw quirks than this 5.1 preview release.

While I do think this one is better than the PB version, I too see that it is not perfect. It seems to get more confused the longer you run it.

I'm not ready to make a final decision yet, but I'm also not ready to go back to Netscape 4.7 in classic or the Mozilla build I've got. Both of them seem to have more problems than this does. (This is saying a lot because I've been a Netscape devote since v0.9!)

Classic Microsoft... It just sucks less. :)
TommyWillB you need to try Omniweb. It is much better than IE. I am happy to say that I no longer use any M$ poorducts on my system.
So I'm a Web developer and I have a hard enough time trying to make code that works on just the 4.x and higher NN & IE browsers.

I'm afraid to look at my code on any other browsers because I just don't have the time to deal with it...

[ostrich with head in sand icon]

I know that's an enormous cop-out, but I'm on track to convert most of my functionality over to server side Cold Fusion/ASP/Perl, etc. That is the only way I can think of to get back to a state that will allow me to support most browsers.
I've tried configuring IE 5.1 to work with Mail and I found out something interesting - YOU CAN'T! I hope this is just a really big oversight on MS's part, but I can't help but feel this is some effort to get us to all use [shudder] Outlook.
So as it turns out, I've been using IE fine on all of the other sites I hit. I only started getting the redraw problems on THIS site after the redesign started.

So it must ahve soemthing to do with this site.

Am I really the only one having this problem?