IE 5.1b1 --> IE 5.1.1 preview?


Software update informed me that a new Internet Explorer was available, but this install failed saying simply htat "an installation error occoured". (I think because previously I moved IE to a sub-folder of Applications.)

In any case, doing Get Info on IE insists that the version is 5.1.1, but the About IE menu show it as 5.1b1

I've moved IE back to it's original location, but IE no longer shows up in the Software Updates, so how do I re-install it?
5.1b1 is the 5.1.1 preview. If you move IE from /Applications/Internet Explorer/ Software Update thinks you no longer have it installed and wants to 'update' it for you.
But I moved it ages ago. Why did it wait until today to ask me to Update?

Also, doesn't this sound like a bug? Apple went through all of the trouble of making applications self-contained .app folders simply so you could move them around at will... a'la OS 9 and prior.

Why would they be so stupid to make the Software update presume that applications will always stay in the same place after making it so easy to move them? Isn't this why we hate WinDoze?