IE and Flash


OKay...the only browser I use is Internet Explorer...I have yet to fine a new one to use...But I have downloaded flash and shockwave several times and still it wont work when I get to a site that requiers it. I don't get it? What is going on?

You might want to make sure your Shockwave Flash plug-in is in the correct directory for starters. It should be in...
/Library/Internet Plug-ins/Shockwave Flash-NP PPC
The version of Flash I'm running seems to be stable, 5.0 r56.
You should also make sure you have updated IE to the latest version, 5.1.1.

Then once you have it sort of working, download Omniweb or iCab for a true browser experience. IE is sort of a turd.
You can find them indirectly at

Hope this helps ya.
See...the most frustrating part is I have done all of that...I have the same version as you (in flash and IE) and it still does not work. Not to mention that I had Omni Web and it did not even owrk for that. I don't know what to do :mad: