IE FOR MAC Prob. Links To Local Data Server From Company Intranet Do Not Work


Hi There

Just a quick question. I've recently re-designed my company's Intranet, and it contains many links to a local data server. These links work in both ie for windows, and firefox. However they do not work in IE for mac. The version is 5.1.7

To get the links to work in Firefox, we had to change the settings in the about;config file. Would a similar thing need to take place in IE for mac?

Thanks very much for any help
I'm assuming this is on Mac OS 9 or earlier. If you're actually running Mac OS X, update IE to the latest version which is 5.2.something (check their site for the acual specifics on the version).

And if it is Mac OS X, consider switching over to something like Safari, FireFox, or Camino. Even Opera is free without the banners.
- What setting did you change in Firefox's about:config file?
- Can you give us an example of a URL you are trying to link to? (you can change company names and so on if you're worried about privacy)
- Have you set up any custom DNS settings, particularly DNS suffix (also known as "Search Domains", on either the Mac or the Windows machines? For MacOSX, look in System Preferences --> Network --> (your connection type) --> TCPIP. For Windows, you'll go to Control Panel --> Network --> Internet Protocol TCP/IP --> Preferences --> Advanced.