IE Losing images after awhile


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While developing a site localling and testing it on the same machine (Apache,PHP, MySQL) it tends to give IE some trouble. It is almost like there is some sort of memory leak or something because it loses images ot won't display parts of a page ot something.

Has anyone else seen this?

i noticed no one has responded to this; but yes, i have seen the same thing..... alot.

its funny though because i have IE open 24-7 but i only run into that problem on sites i am developing (locally). other sites respond fine and i never see it anywhere else. maybe it has to do with the cache?

I think it is probably a cacheing (sp.) issue, and I played with some of the seting in IE with no positive results. I have not seen any problems with 5.1.2, but I also have not been working on anyhting locally, recently.

It also might be an issue with Apache's configuration. Recently I had some problems with Apache delivering some images. The system was and Apache/Resin/Oracle solution running on Sun hardware. Because we really did not have the time to trouble shoot Apache, the first thing we tried was eliminate Apache and use Resin to serve the flat HTML content while functioning as the Servlet runner. It worked like a charm.

So that makes me thing that it may be a some sort of problem with Apache and maybe a time-out sort of situation. I'll post the fix if we figure out what the problems was on the above config.

yah, same deal here. sometimes, with i ctrl-click the image and reload it, it fixes it; but not always. either way, it's a hassle.