IE slow to respond in 10.1? Unresponsive?


Anyone else having these problems?

My computer seems to be lightning quick doing just about everything else from loading programs to playing music etc., but IE seems to slow down my computer considerably in 10.1

Webpages seem to load slowly, and when I put my mouse over links in webpages they are slow to turn to the pointing finger.

When I put the mouse over the red light to close the window and click it there seems to be a delay of about a half of a second before the window closes as well...this is driving me crazy because all of my other programs close instantly.

It should not be my computer or internet connection because I have PowerMac G4 867mhz, with 1.1GB of ram, and a DSL Connection.

I recently installed Norton Antivirus in Classic and the OS X counterpart, which only scans...nothing memory resident. I also installed LimeWire, but do not keep it running all of the time, so that should not be my does not connect when it is not running correct?

So what could be causing this delay in responsiveness in IE? Did Microsoft just make the program slow, or are there some preferences or settings that I can change to make this faster. Or, is there a program that I installed that is doing this....I don't know how, because I really don't keep many things running on the dock...maybe mail and system preferences at most times.

Is anyone else experiencing an unresponsive/slow IE under 10.1 w/ a fast computer setup? IE was much faster on my Win 2000 Box, still nothing like OS X though!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just noticed that there is even a delay when I click on the File menus above IE....this only happens with IE, none of the other programs in OS X.

What is going on here?

Thanks again for the help.
IE has always been a big contender for biggest, slowest POS on any version of OSX. Granted, this latest beta that shipped in 10.1 is better than those before it, but still crap.

All symptoms you report, I have on a DP450, and I've heard several (hundreds of?) people with higher end kit with the same IE problems.

Let's see what M$ does with the final before we cast judgement. 'til then, Opera is pretty fast, though unstable. And, Omniweb 4.05 is pretty, but slower than IE and doesn't have all the bell & whistle support yet.