IE Stability: G3 vs G4 issue?


I've read countless topics at various places about how IE on OSX is extremely unstable, and hence, unusable. However I've never had a problem on my imac. IE rarely crashes on it, maybe once or twice a week.

At work we finally got enough licenses that I finally got to install OSX on my machine (10.1). It's an old sawtooth g4, 400 mhz.

And I can't believe how unstable IE is. I literally cannot use it for more than 5 minutes without it crashing. And I'm going to the exact same sites that I visit everyday from home. versiontracker is a pretty much guaranteed crash. maybe 1 out of 5 times it will load without crashing. But then clicking on any of the links for "more info" has about the same chances. So basically, 1/25 chance that I will be able to load the page and then look at the info for ONE ITEM.

Both machines are running 10.1, and IE on the G3 is totally stable and usable and great (usually), while on the G4 it's garbage. Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them? It's really weird...

On the plus side, omniweb is much faster on a G4 and I've actually started to like it. Although I'm using the 4.1 sneakypeek 4 and it has a major memory leak so I have to quit every hour or so to reclaim some memory since I only have 128 (at work). But at least it's not crashing.

So is IE just not G4 friendly or what?
I don't know what you're talking about, since IE works very well on my G4 cube.. IE crashes are very rare, and even so, I can just start it up again within a few seconds. But it's not as bad as you made it out to be on your G4.

OmniWeb is still just too slow for me to use.. OS X itself is still a bit sluggish, but it's very usable as my main OS now.
IE for me has super-amnesia. It's always forgetting that it's the default browser, its history, its cookies, everything except the bookmarks. I've got a dp450. strange.. and the IE security update didn't help either.
IE has not crashed at all since I installed 10.1 a few weeks ago. In 10.0.x, it would occasionally crash.
I'm on a 350Mhz slot-loading iMac.
OmniWeb is beautiful, but too slow. Most of my browsing these days is done in Mozilla.
I also has the same problem. My G4 400Mhz can run OS 9.2.1 very well. But when using OS X, IE is very unstable.

A lot of others are running OS X very well. I think the model is different.

I don't know how many models are being used today. But I think the factor of Manufacturor is included.:confused: